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We are a company that develops people friendly robotic systems. We use the latest technology to combine hardware and software in an innovative way to bring intelligent efficiency to the table.Our expertise is proven by successful projects in industries such as: warehousing, aerospace and automotive and we continue to think big.

We designed the Eiratech warehouse environment where automatically guided vehicles are operated via a wireless network. Traditional static warehouse solutions struggle to cope with the changing needs of the industry.  Eiratech’s solution has been developed to accommodate this.

Our Philosophy

Customers shop online all over the world. They are only 3 clicks away from receiving their order. Market Leaders have raised expectations and standards forcing all businesses to reinvent their goods distribution models.We believe this is our time and our challenge. Eiratech is a team of highly qualified professionals from all over the world, brought together with a single vision, creating something exceptional.

Passion for technology and hunger for success are what hold us together.

Together we created Eirabot - a robot that can multiply the accuracy and efficiency of your business. Eirabot is a smart and self-sustained robot which will become the significant part of your success story and your competitive advantage.



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We created Eiratech to make modern technology available to everybody