Why Eiratech?

Eliminates Inefficiencies

Up to 70% of a pickers times is wasted walking and searching for goods.

By eliminating this together we can achieve a six-fold increase in the number of picks achieved per hour.

Reducing the number of times an item is handled through the pick/pack process enables a faster more accurate delivery to customers.

Grows with You

With over 74% of leading Supply Chain operators expecting to adopt automation over the coming decade, staying ahead becomes more challenging.

Finding a solution without major capital expenditure that can be scaled at the same rate and time as your business will ensure you have no wasted capacity.

This technology is now accessible.

Easy to Install

With no need for any major infrastructure required the system can be installed quickly and efficiently with minimal impact to ongoing operations.

It can be moved to new locations within the building or to a new site with relative ease.

It readily integrates with your Warehouse Management Systems to start getting the benefits quickly.

Your Success metrics

Improve customer satisfaction levels

Increase profitability per order

Accelerate order fulfilment at lower costs

Deliver on order commitments and status accuracy