Eiratech in the News:

July 2019: Eiratech is seeking a talented and motivated Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineer wanting to take the next step in their career.

April 2019: Eiratech's latest factsheet kindly prepared by EIT Digital

January 2019: Eiratech Robotics to bring their business to the next level with the help of EIT Digital Accelerator

December 2018: Independent.ieĀ -Ā Irish expertise is well regarded in important Benelux market

November 2018: Logistiek.nlĀ (Dutch) - Costo heeft een samenwerkingsovereenkomst gesloten met het Ierse technologiebedrijf Eiratech Robotics

October 2018: Eirahistory -Ā series of mini-clips telling our story

July 2018: Eiratech Robotics overview presentation

June 2018: Eiratech at Automatica '18: Automation and Robotics Exhibition in Munich during 19-21 June

March 2018: SmarterChains - Robotic Goods to Person: Top 7 Companies right now in Warehouse AutomationĀ 

26th February 2018: Press Release -Ā Eiratech atĀ LogiMAT 2018 -Ā Integration of Eiratech's Platform With SAP ERP in Partnership with Cpro conlog GmbH

4th January 2018: Enterprise IrelandĀ (IE): Looking to source products or services from Ireland?

1st December 2017: C-pro Conlog atĀ LOGIMAT 2018Ā (DE): Innovative Solutions in the Field of SAP logistics

4th July 2017: Handling & Storage Solutions (UK): Crystal Ball Gazing

30th June 2017: Post and Parcel (UK): Eiratech previews new generation robot

27th June 2017: Deliver #2 Event (DE): Eiratech Previews Latest Generation Robot Eirabot 5.0

26th June 2017: (UK): Opinion: PeopleVox Report Highlights the Need for Automation in the Warehouse

25th May 2017: Irish Technology News (IRL): Eiratech Robotics Business Showcase

19th May 2017: Irish Technology News (IRL): Cutting Edge: Why Robots Will Save Jobs

3rd April 2017: (UK): Opinion: For post Brexit labour shortages robotics may hold the key

1st March 2017: Logistics Manager (UK):Technological Inroads into Labour Intensive Market

1st February 2017: Logistics Manager (UK): Picking a New Path

15th December 2016: (UK): How Santa could improve efficiency at his North Pole DC

7th December 2016: (UK): Editorial: The race for Christmas is now on. Are you ready?

5th December 2016: (UK): How Robotics Can Help Resolve the Returns Problem

14th October 2016: Industrial Process News (UK): Eiratech Named Company of the Month

6th Oct 2016:Ā  Robotics and Automation News (US): Logistics robots: The way you move

1st Oct 2016: Logistics & Supply Chain (UK): The Robots Are Coming

5th Sept 2016: (UK): How UK DCs can Replicate Amazon's Success

1st Aug 2016: Warehousing Logistics International (UK): The Coming of Age of the Robot

8th July 2016: Lo-Co World (India): Eiratech Launches New Warehouse Robot

27th June 2016: Warehousing Ireland (Irl): Eiratech Launches Its Latest Robot

23rd June 2016: Handling & Storage Solutions (UK): New Version of EiraBot Released

23rd June 2016: SHD Logistics (UK): Eiratech Launches Improved Warehouse Robot

23rd June 2016: Orange Business (blog): 10 Robots Changing the Workplace

23rd June 2016: Post & Parcel (UK): Eiratech Launches EiraBot v4

22nd June 2016: Logistics Manager (UK): Eiratech Launches New Warehouse Robot

22nd June 2015: Robotics & Automation News (US): Eiratech Launches One of the Best Performing Robots in Logistics

22nd June 2016: Logistik Express (Ger): Eiratech Launches New Warehouse Robot

22nd June 2016: Analytiqa (UK): Eiratech Launches New Warehouse Robot

1st June 2016: Logistics Manager (UK): Picky Buyers - The Pickface Challenge

25th May 2016: Automation (UK): Eiratech Previews Latest Robot

20th April 2016: (UK):Ā  Interview with Eiratech